Launch of the Outlast® technology engineered for NASA

On 10th of October 2022 Dorota Goldpoint launched her new product – men’s t-shirt made from the Outlast® fabric technology. Launch took place at the head office of Dorota Goldpoint in Dubai.

Outlast® is a special technology used and developed for NASA. Outlast® was worn by astronauts because it was the only material available that could provide comfort in demanding conditions of outer space.

That’s why t-shirts can be worn individually, under e.g., Kandora or under any clothing providing great comfort at any time and any place, but especially during leisure time.

The Outlast® technology is patented and the collection she offer is certified.

Advantages of Outlast® technology:

  • Equalizes the temperature – increases thermal comfort
  • Outlast® microcapsules absorb and store excess heat – prevent overheating
  • Gives off stored heat – prevents cooling
  • Dynamically stabilizes – works 24 hours a day
  • Fulfills its functions in extreme conditions – unique
  • Structure not visible to the naked eye – does not change the appearance of the final product

Dorota Goldpoint brand is bringing the technology back to earth, back to you.

Among the invited guests were the members of the Royal Family – HH Sheikh Suhail Almaktoum who tried the product for himself and was very pleased with it, Mohammed Al Harmi – Senior Director Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center, Cezariusz Lesisz – Chairman of Industrial Development Agency JSC and Dorota Goldpoint’s business partner – Reem Beljafla.

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