Polish women use aesthetic medicine with great sensitivity, while young girls lose control over themselves. The result, for example, is monstrous, oversized lips

The designer notes that young Polish women are very susceptible to foreign trends and use aesthetic medicine procedures with great exaggeration. Lip augmentation is particularly popular, unfortunately, very often the effect looks not very natural. Dorota Goldpoint is aware that at a certain age one needs to take better care of oneself, and of course one can take advantage of the rich offer of professional surgeries, but moderation is important. Everything is for people, as long as it is tailored to specific needs and used sensibly. He therefore warns against overusing invasive solutions so that the face does not turn into a mask over time.

Those who frequently use the benefits of aesthetic medicine know that it is easy to become addicted to “fixes”. One treatment pulls another, and a while later other defects are noticed and another intervention is necessary. Dorota Goldpoint stresses that she appreciates the opportunities provided by the development of this branch of medicine, but according to her, one should not go to extremes – to try at all costs to smooth out every new wrinkle or significantly change facial features.

– This is quite a controversial topic, as everyone has their own opinion on various minor or major corrections. I for one believe that this is why medicine is developing, whether it is aesthetic medicine or plastic surgery, so that we can take advantage of it, but in a skillful way. For exaggeration is not good,” Dorota Goldpoint tells the agency Newseria Lifestyle.

The designer observes that in Arab countries or the United States, women are “heavily made up,” to the point that they even have caricatured facial features. This trend is also being adopted by young Polish women.

– In Poland, young girls are changing a lot. I think a mature woman is already using the benefits of aesthetic medicine or even plastic surgery a little more sensitively. However, she tries to do it so that these changes, which are expected, are insignificant and so that we look good, and not have monstrous, oversized lips. Let’s not make ourselves into Barbie dolls, because that just looks uninteresting in my opinion,” she says.

Dorota Goldpoint admits that she enjoys looking at well-groomed women and knows well that such an effect requires the use of good cosmetics and regular body care, both at home and in professional offices.

– It is known that over time we get wrinkles, gravity works, the skin looks different, and of course no one is happy about it. To nullify these effects, women take a lot of measures, whether physical, such as a healthy lifestyle, or some treatments, among others,” says the designer.

In the use of aesthetic medicine, in her opinion, it is worth betting primarily on treatments that firm, moisturize, improve skin elasticity and delay the effects of aging, not those that distort facial features.

– I think it is important to take care of the skin in a balanced way and use aesthetic medicine treatments. I’m always in favor of such a middle ground between extremes, i.e. gray hair and allowing aging – such with dignity, as it is said, and between radically changing one’s image, getting rid of wrinkles altogether or even facelifts that make a 70-year-old woman look 40 years old, because you have to think what will happen to this face and skin in 10-20 years,” says Dorota Goldpoint.

During her stay in the United Arab Emirates, the designer also observed a trend, which she didn’t like very much, but gave a lot of food for thought.

– I saw there that young girls were making themselves huge bottoms. As a result, the figure doesn’t move naturally, there’s just something strange going on with this monstrously huge bottom. I don’t know why girls do such things to themselves. I think there are two aspects to consider. The first – a few years ago Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez strongly noticed their feminine curves and began to give it importance. And this is a certain trend, a certain fashion. And the other issue is that women want to show themselves as a sexual object of desire, that is, a generous bust, a narrow waist, full hips, beautiful legs and a big bottom are to be noticed,” she says.

Dorota Goldpoint, however, sees a bit of a quandary here, because on the one hand women are fighting for gender equality, and on the other hand – all the time putting themselves in the position of an object of desire.

– As if we can’t show that we can look beautiful and attractive, and besides that we still have something to say and something to offer the world. So let’s show our whole intellectual sphere, which is often underestimated in society in general, and not just a beautiful body, changed sometimes uncontrollably,” the designer adds.

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