Duda met with Jill Biden. An expert criticized the US president’s wife

Agata Duda flew to the US to attend a conference in support of Ukrainian refugees and internally displaced persons. During her visit, the First Lady met with Jill Biden, wife of the President of the United States. The First Lady surprised with her original styling.

Just a few days after Joe Biden’s visit to Poland, Agata Kornhauser-Duda flew to the United States for a visit. It was there that she took part in a conference on helping Ukrainian children affected by the trauma of war, meeting with Jill Biden, the first lady of the United States, who was absent during the American president’s visit to Poland.

Agata Duda met with Jill Biden. An expert compared the appearance of the two ladies

This time there was a meeting that Andrzej Duda’s spouse was very keen on. Photos of the meeting were shared on Twitter of the President’s Office. From the photos, one can tell that both ladies were very comfortable in each other’s company.

Both ladies looked exquisite, but the Polish first lady surprised again with her original styling. She decided to wear a suit that is a combination of classic black and white. “Super Express” asked for comments from an expert, fashion designer Daniel Jacob Dali, who decided to assess the appearance of both ladies.

“Agata Duda surprises us all more and more and positively every time!” – stressed the expert, after which he added that the wife of the President of the Republic of Poland is having a really good time. The fashion designer pointed out that the Polish first lady’s styling has been a hit lately. Daniel Jacob Dali compared the first lady to Alexis Colby from “Dynasty.”

The expert did not fail to compare Agata Duda with Jill Biden. In his opinion, the first lady of the United States performed not very well. “Against the background of the Polish first lady, she performed very poorly. Agata Duda was definitely victorious and defended herself with class and style. Joe Biden’s wife looked average, even unremarkable compared to our Agata,” he concluded.

As we read on, Agata Duda is usually dressed by two designers, Ela Piorun and Dorota Goldpoint, who have their boutiques in the center of Warsaw. In addition, the first lady also supports other Polish businesses, including De Marco.

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