Duda like a princess! She gave chic in Madrid, asymmetrical neckline

First Lady Agata Duda accompanies her husband, President Andrzej Duda, to the NATO summit in Madrid. As usual, she showed incredible class and sense of style! Her creation is worthy of a princess. The Presidential asked the chic as hardly anyone! Just lookat her photos.

Agata Duda and her husband went to Madrid on June 28, 2022, where the most important representatives of the Member States meet. The visit began with a ceremonial dinner in honor of the leaders of NATO countries, the presidential couple and His Majesty the King of Spain and His Majesty Leticia, the Queen of Spain. I must admit that the first Polish couple looks great! Andrzej Duda showed up in an elegant suit, white shirt and lavender tie. Agata Duda looked like a princess.

For this special occasion, she wore a light cream-colored dress that just above the ankles. She emphasized the waist with a delicate, decorative belt. The most interesting, however, is the cut of the dress: an asymmetrical neckline and slit sleeves ¾. Thanks to these elements, the creation takes on a modern expression, but without flashiness. For this she chose flesh-colored high heels and a tiny beige handbag. I must admit that Agata Duda positively stood out in front of other representatives of NATO countries, and the captivating smile added to her shine.

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