Goldpoint and her “peace army”. The designer and celebrities say STOP the violence!

Adored by celebrities and business women, fashion designer Dorota Goldpoint showed her latest collection. This time the leitmotif and inspiration was the slogan “Stop violence”. On the occasion of an intimate event at the creator’s atelier in Saska Kepa, Warsaw, Dorota Goldpoint also delivered her manifesto against violence.

Dorota Goldpoint’s military collection includes feminine silk skirts, sequined jackets, mini skirts, jackets with a military touch, wide pants. All in three military colors – green, black, gray. The designer created a collection for the “peace army.” The military collection is sexy, glamorous, feminine and joyful. – I created this collection on the wave of my inner opposition to violence. I have two adult sons of draft age. I have been living in uncertainty and fear for over a year. With the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the world of thousands of women who buried their loved ones, experienced psychological or physical harm, fell in ruins. As a mother, an artist, a man and a woman, I say STOP the violence and the war in Ukraine. Stop violence against women and children. Stop violence also this close, neighborhood violence. Stop violence by excluding women from important areas of life. I created a collection for the army of peace. A woman’s heart has no wrinkles and is always ready to fight for peace and tranquility,” said Dorota Goldpoint. The intimate live show was watched by, among others: Olga Bonieczyk, Magdalena Wojcik, Beata Tadla, Ewa Pacuła, Eliza Gwiazda, Kalina Ben Sira, Martyna Rokita. – Military patterns have long been my favorite, and my closet is full of them. That’s why I like Dorothy’s new collection very much. The message of the collection and Dorota’s appeal are also close to my heart, as I am the mother of a 25-year-old son Nikolai and I understand Dorota’s fears perfectly,” said Magdalena Wojcik. – Great idea for the collection and the whole action. I am a mother of three daughters. When the war started, just like Dorota, I was terrified. Every day I tremble so that this war does not spread to Europe. Stop aggression and violence. I subscribe to this appeal,” said Ewa Pacula. As a sign of protest, all invited guests appeared in black sweatshirts with the word STOP, which were designed by Dorota Goldpoint.

The designer also delivered her manifesto, the content of which reads:

My name is Dorota Goldpoint,

I am a fashion designer and President of the Heart No Wrinkles Foundation….

I am a woman.

I am a mother of two adult sons – boys of draft age.

For almost a year I have felt fear and uncertainty. With the aggression in Ukraine, I observe the suffering of other women, mothers, and there is a growing fear in me whether one day my children will also be on the front lines.

For the past year I have been watching the growing chaos in a world that until now seemed stable and safe. With the outbreak of war in Ukraine, not only my world – as a woman, mother, creator, entrepreneur – collapsed. In ruins lay the world of millions of other women who live in the uncertainty of tomorrow. Who – even being away from the hostilities – feel physical even pain at the thought of their future and that of their loved ones.

As a Polish woman – a representative of a nation that has taken in several million refugees from war zones….

As a mother – representative of all mothers, living in fear for their children….

As an artist – feeling more with intuition than with reason….

As a human being – a passive observer of the rising tide of violence, not only the frontline violence, but also the neighborhood, everyday violence….

I say NO to attacks on our neighbors!

I say NO to violence against women and children!

I say NO to aggression on Polish streets!

I say NO to the chaos resulting from the new situation we find ourselves in against our will!

I say NO to aggressive competition!

I say NO to the exclusion of women from important areas of the economy!

In a wave of this anger, I turned my opposition into a collection for an army of peace – an army against evil. I have named it STOP THE VIOLENCE and given it a military character in an ultra-feminine, glamorous look.

My fashion manifesto is to go beyond the catwalk and my clients’ dressing rooms. My dream is for it to become a broad social action, because I firmly believe that the heart has no wrinkles and is always ready to fight for peace and tranquility. For balance and justice. For the safety of our children. For my project, I would like to involve the ambassadors of the “Heart Has No Wrinkles” Foundation – actresses, celebrities, artists – to carry the message of STOP THE VIOLENCE in their communities.

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