Kornhauser-Duda dazzled at the gala. This dress is an autumn hit

The wife of President Andrzej Duda, during the award gala of the first edition of the “Together for seniors” competition, again charmed by the styling. Full of commitment, the initiator with a smile on her face appeared in a simple, but very fashionable and elegant dress. I must admit that this color perfectly matches her beauty.

“Together for seniors” competition

Agata Kornhauser-Duda has recently initiated the “Together for Seniors” competition. It was aimed at promoting and distinguishing the most valuable projects carried out by private persons and institutions on a local and national scale. In addition, the event was created to shape certain attitudes, thereby encouraging activities for the benefit of the oldest citizens.

Agata Kronhauser-Duda in a fashionable styling

Agata Duda’s performances usually evoke considerable emotions, and her style is often an inspiration for many Polish women. The first lady’s styles are always “trendy”, and the dresses she chooses are classy and timelessly elegant.

Two days ago, a ceremonial gala was held at the Presidential Palace, at which the wife of the President of the Republic of Poland appeared to personally hand over awards to well-deserved seniors.

The first lady, as usual, full of optimism, with a smile on her face, once again delighted with perfectly selected styling. She came to the gala in a very fashionable, long dress with a collar – fastened at the top with golden buttons, which also decorated the sleeves. The dress was not too tight, its lower part fell freely, and the brown belt at the waist emphasized the figure nicely. She also put on high heels for styling, matching the colors of the belt.

The whole thing was elegant and classy, ​​and what especially emphasized the beauty of Agata Kornhauser-Duda was the color of the dress. The president’s wife chose deep, bottle green, which is in line with the trends of this year’s fall and winter.

The First Lady supports seniors

During the gala, the winners received diplomas from the first lady. It was not without thanks to those who contribute to supporting older generations and helping them to pursue their passions, as well as ensuring that they spend their time actively.

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