Tygodnik Sieci:Fashion in the service of diplomacy

The thought of being able to dress a woman that the whole world looks up to made me very happy and intimidated at the same time. I think every designer dreams of dressing the first lady of their country

Dorota Goldpoint, fashion designer, author of creations of, among others, the Polish first lady, is interviewed by Michal Korsun

The dream of most fashion designers is to sew creations for famous people. The black and white dress of your design, in which our President Agata Kornhauser-Duda and her husband appeared at the White House, was noticed and appreciated by the media. Please tell us about the preparations for this visit?

Dorota Goldpoint: The visit of our presidential couple to the United States, where they met with then-President Donald Trump and his wife, was a very important political event.

Every trip to the US is carefully prepared, and so it was this time. The fact that Melania Trump is a beautiful, well-dressed woman with a recognizable style, for me as a designer only raised the bar. Especially since during official visits to the White House the outfit of the first ladies attracts the attention of the media and commentators, because it is treated as a message and informal language.

Did you get any suggestions before sewing this dress for the president?

It is often the case that we have a certain range of colors in which we can move and which the president accepts. For state occasions we allow red, but we are also happy to see navy blue. Lighter colors in summer, darker colors in winter. Going back to the black-and-white creation, there was a request to create a dress with contrast. I decided that the combination of black and white creates the most beautiful clash of colors. First of all, it evokes very elegant associations. In addition, the creation of an asymmetrical version with an asymmetrical neckline and asymmetrical cuts pays tribute to the classics while smiling beautifully at modernity.

When women who are dressed alike meet at the same party, they don’t gush about it. To avoid awkwardness, do they get information about the colors and styling of the wife of the president of the country they are visiting before visits of such stature?

This is an interesting question. In fact, sometimes such information is received. Cyclic, recurring events can be analyzed on the basis of photos, and here we get a hint about color, but sometimes you have to trust your intuition.

However, let’s go back in time. How did the cooperation with the Presidential Palace come about in the first place?

The story is very interesting and multi-layered. The couple’s pastor lives in Jurata, and Fr. Marcin Nowak, the person I think everyone turns to when they have a problem. He is really a wonderful person. Anyway, in his church he organized a concert by opera singer Alicja Węgorzewska. For the occasion, the dressmaker was supposed to sew a creation. Unfortunately, she did it wrong, further damaging the material. One of my clients, who was involved in organizing the concert, called me to ask for help. Two days before the singer’s performance. (…)

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